5 books authored on the themes of leadership, culture and managerial innovation, caring in organization.

Panne de sens

Breakdown of meaning: Manager for whom, for what, how?

Meaning is vital. Well defined, it clarifies and directs the action of teams and managers. Built collectively, it unites and strengthens cooperation and trust. The future of companies therefore depends on their ability to define a purpose, to contribute to the general interest and the common good.

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Management through trust

This book, based on more than 200 interviews with managers, including 20 senior managers, offers a reflection but also concrete solutions, in the form of practical sheets, in order to liberate energies and establish or restore confidence in organisations.

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je manage avec bienveillance PHO

I manage with caring

The authors of “Daring to care in Organizations” have joined forces with Yves Desjacques to offer a resolutely practical book that will enable any manager to apply benevolent management on a daily basis. The book is structured in practical sheets and will decipher concrete managerial situations, proposing solutions, all of which are interspersed with advice.

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Les voies du management - Olivier Truong et Palmer Hartl PHO

The ways of management

« Les Voies du Management » est un ouvrage s’appuyant sur des références des sciences humaines et sociales mais également, sans faire du prosélytisme, et respectueux de la liberté de conscience de chacun, sur des illustrations de situation de « management » du livre le plus ancien dans l’histoire de l’humanité, porteur de valeurs universelles, la Bible.

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Corporate benevolence Olivier Truong Paul-Marie Chavanne

Daring to care in organizations

Dictators, perverts, temperamental or volatile characters, etc. the authors paint the portraits of tyrannical leaders and then formulate proposals about how to reconsider the individual so he can fulfill his potential. This work gives managers the keys to success so they can reinvent the relationships at work and develop a culture of caring.

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