Our offer

We work at three levels to drive change

The organizational system, the functioning of teams and individual leadership.

These dimensions intertwine and feed each other. We act synchronously on these pillars to transform every business.

The Care And Connect Team


Development of your new internal operating methods (management, process, collective rituals) and definition of target individual behaviors to be implemented.

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Definition in co-construction mode of a target organization and adjustment of your governance. Development of a change plan responding to the challenges of the desired transformation.

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Development of a culture of commitment through innovative techniques (participatory workshops, hackathons, world café, design
thinking approaches, etc.)

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Coaching of the Management Committee in order to improve their performance (cooperation, decision-making, etc.).

Design of events based on collective intelligence (seminars, experiential workshops, etc.)

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Formalization of managerial practices.

Integration of managerial benchmarks in HR processes (Recruitment, evaluation, mobility, etc.)

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Deployment of tailor-made workshops to develop committed and cooperative leaders.

Executive coaching and strategic mentoring based on strategic and operational business management experience.

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To raise awareness

On the levers for developing engagement and collective intelligence
An awareness phase through conferences, webinars on the lever of commitment and collective intelligence.


The state of play around the 3 pillars (meaning, trust and benevolence)
A diagnostic phase of the inventory of these 3 pillars (meaning, benevolence, trust) to assess the starting situation. A precise mapping of these 3 pillars finalizes this phase.

Guide and support

The deployment of the action plan
A guidance and support phase, resulting from the work program, is implemented operationally with the teams concerned to disseminate the culture and the change.


Work streams
A phase of co-construction during which we make the leaders react on our mapping and our work axis recommendations to aim for ideal motor skills based on commitment and collective intelligence. A clear and shared work program finalizes this phase.

Our complementary tools


Team coaching

Individual support

Workshops & seminars

Virtual classroom

Benevolent and demanding feedback training