Management through trust

The keys to caring and authentic leadership

Olivier Truong, Fabien de Geuser, Emily Wiersch, Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts, Paul-Marie Chavanne

“Trust me! “, ” Trust the strategy! “, these are the incantations heard in companies.

They are justified because without trust, nothing can happen. But they also point to the difficulty managers have in inspiring this trust, with the risk that this constantly repeated demand may become suspect.

In a turbulent world where the spread of a sometimes ambivalent managerial language further increases this unease, the responsibility and complexity of maintaining trust in the company project often rests on the shoulders of operational managers.

How can trust be recreated? Why do we need it so badly? How do we develop it in teams and in the company? How can we inspire confidence as managers? How can we trust our colleagues?

This book, based on more than 200 interviews with managers, including 20 senior managers, offers a reflection but also concrete solutions, in the form of practical sheets, in order to liberate energies and establish or restore confidence in organisations.

Contents :

The business case for trust: why trust?

The three theological virtues of trust-based management: vulnerability, promise and hope / The different organisational levels of trust / The three dimensions of trust: trust, confidence and self-confidence / The seven roles of trust / The five criteria that maximise the impact of trust.

What destroys trust?

Change "for the sake of change": a frantic march / The absence of a raison d'être and vision for the company / The personal feeling of incapacity and lack of consideration / The gap between words and deeds / The degraded link with the company / The growing imbalance between control and autonomy.

Practical sheets

Behaviour towards oneself

The congruence between words and deeds / Courage and immediacy / Exemplarity / Low stance, humility / Predictability / Proximity / Transparency / Vulnerability.

Behaviour towards others

Autonomy / Kindness, creating emotional security / Listening and consideration / The right to make mistakes / Honesty and speaking the truth / Feedback / Taking time / Reassuring in the face of uncertainty / Reciprocity / Recognition / Supporting and believing.

Behaviour towards teams

Equity and justice / Shared speech / Misunderstandings / Rules of the game and functioning / Autonomous regulation (or creating moments of fraternity and common goals) / Meaning.

Behaviour towards organisations

Clarity of territories / Procedures and meetings / Subsidiarity.

Executive interviews

Diane Abrahams, Director of Strategy, La Poste Group / Paul-Ambroise Archambeaud, President of Pick-up Services / Damien Bon, CEO of Stuart / Laurent Choain, Chief People Officer of Mazars / Pascal Demurger, CEO of MAIF / François Dupuy, sociologist / Matthieu Fouquet, Onepoint's HR director / Matthieu Leclercq, former CEO of Decathlon / Ronan Le Moal, CEO of Crédit Mutuel Arkea / Jean-Baptiste Morin, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail / Carmen Munoz-Dormoy, head of EDF Group's downstream R&D activities, former CEO of Citelum / Vineet Nayar, Co-President of the Sampark Foundation, former CEO of HCL technologies / Martin Piechowski, CEO of Chronopost / Bernard Ramanantsoa, Honorary CEO of HEC Paris / Roland Reitter, Professor specialising in organisational trust / Ingrid Robil, Recruitment Leader at Norauto / Olivier Storch, EVP at DPDgroup / Jérôme Stubler, CEO of Vinci Construction / Remy Weber, former CEO of La Banque Postale / Stéphane Wilmotte, HR Leader at Mobivia.

The authors :

Olivier Truong, Founder of Care and Connect / Fabien De Geuser, ESCP Professor / Emily Wiersch, Director at Maestis, ESSEC Researcher / Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts, HEC Emeritus Professor / Paul-Marie Chavanne, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Egis / Afterword by Myriam Maestroni, President of Energy Savings