Experts on key organizational stakes and challenges

Care&Connect is made up of experienced speakers whose professional career is characterized by the following 3 dimensions:

Consulting experiences

Our methodologies have been tested in various contexts, and we know the challenges and cultural codes of many environments in which we have worked. This allows us to select effective levers for mobilization and to get to the point.

We master expected behaviours and skills: framing and project management, listening and empathy, and result orientation.

Experience in mid-large scale organizations

Our experience in executive committees of large companies and operational management experiences allows us to establish relationships of trust with all types of actors: employees, middle management, top management, Business Directions, HRD, CIO, etc.

We know the constraints and operational life cycles of very large companies and adapt our procedures to their context and their rhythms.

We are aware of the political dimension of certain initiatives, and take the time necessary for top management to align their vision before going to meet the teams.

We create the conditions to break down the silos, to allow the emergence of cooperation and collective intelligence between entities.

Entrepreneurial experience

Our operational experiences with companies at the creation phase, or the support carried out with start-ups of 10 to 200 people, allows us to adapt our interventions to the short-term challenges which guide organizations at these stages. Results must be visible within very compressed deadlines for these type of organizations. The sense of action, the quality of interactions between teams and with managers, as well as the working environment,are of paramount importance in the engagement, attraction and retention of talent in start-ups.

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