I manage with caring

The practical guide

Olivier Truong and Paul-Marie Chavanne associated with Yves Desjacques decipher concrete managerial situations and propose operational solutions.

Benevolence and benevolent management are necessary (not sufficient) conditions for commitment and motivation while respecting freedom and individual responsibility.

je manage avec bienveillance PHO

The authors of “Daring to care in Organizations”  have joined forces with Yves Desjacques to offer a resolutely practical book that will enable any manager to apply benevolent management on a daily basis.

The book is structured in practical sheets and will decipher concrete managerial situations, proposing solutions, all of which are interspersed with advice.

Manage with caring? This is simple common sense! And yet...one often loses sight of the importance of meaning, bonding, listening, feedback and questioning...a necessary handbook for all managers, whether they work in a public or private organization!

Agnès Pannier-Runacher – Junior minister with the Ministry of Economy and Finances

It involves generosity, transparency, sincerity and a team attitude. A resolutely optimistic and accessible handbook to develop and strengthen your own caring and inspire this virtue within your organization

Jean-Claude Legrand – Executive Vice-President of Human Relations for L’Oréal

The authors, armed with an unquestionable conceptual mastery, go beyond talking points to offer us a well- constructed handbook on how to implement caring within an organization. The exercise is a success: not only do we believe it, but we now know how to do it!

Bernard Ramanantsoa – Honorary Managing Director of HEC

Caring in practice, theorized... with caring for the reader, thanks to a captivating educational approach!

Dag Rasmussen – CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail

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